Beausejour Primary Health Care Centre

The Beausejour Primary Health Care Centre is located at 151 First Street South in Beausejour, Manitoba. It is attached to the Beausejour District hospital, and offers a wide range of services. This co-location of health and allied professionals provides one – stop shopping for health care in the area. Services and programs are developed and implemented by an interdisciplinary team of health providers in response to the needs of community residents.

Members of the Interdisciplinary Team include the following:

Occupational Therapy, Mental Health, Home Care Case Coordination, Home Care Resource Coordination, a Public Health Nurse, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Community Dietitian, Chronic Disease Prevention Initiative Coordination, Dietitian – Diabetes Education, Nurse Educator, Services to Seniors Outreach, an Audiologist, Physiotherapist, Wellness Facilitator, Ambulance Coordinator, and three Primary Care Physicians.

For general inquiries or Physician appointments please call (204) 268 – 4966.

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