2018 Municipal Elections

Official 2018 General Municipal Election Results

The following are the official results of the 2018 general municipal election for the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead:

For the office of Reeve:

 Brad Saluk  959 
 Fred Mills  478 
For the office of Councillor

 Sean Michaels   1,007 
 Bruce Modrzejewski   822 
 Luke Ingeberg 691 
 Jack Kowalchuk 651 
 Trevor Proutt 606 
 Kerry Smith 509 
 Rob Austen 227 
For the Local Urban District of Tyndall-Garson Committee:

 Kerry Fehr  285 
 Stephanie Pituley  249 
 Don Hanton  205 
 Dave Gallant  197 
 Steve Klaprat  134